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Itoman is situated on the southernmost tip of the Okinawan main island, at north latitude 26'8" and east longitude 127'40". The southern region of the Okinawan main island is referred to as Shima-jiri. Shima means "island" and jiri means "bottom". So it literally means the southern region is Okinawa's bottom. Itoman is 12 kilometers south of Okinawa's capital city Naha.


The topographical structure of Shima-jiri, the southern region of the Okinawan main island, is a layered rock foundation covered by Ryukyu limestone. Faults running in every direction through the rock and limestone are the main cause of the formation of the region's steep cliffs. Most of the town and reclaimed land areas are on the northwest coast, which was formed by clay alluvium.

The soil in the Shima-jiri region is predominately red. The region's soil has a poor water retention rate due to the geological influences of the limestone foundations. Grey soil in the region has good water retention but the red soil does not, so the two soils are mixed together and fertilized to improve the soil quality.

The north of the Shima-jiri region is interwoven with gently rolling hills. Yoza Hill, 168m, is in the region's east. In contrast with the northern area, the central and southern areas are covered in Ryukyu limestone. The limestone forms a flat plateau sectioned by faults that create sloped blocks that layer together like a gently sloped tiled roof in the south, and cliffs in the north. A splendid view can be seen from Mabuni Hill, where a coral reef spreads out from the foot of a cliff. The town and reclaimed land areas are on the alluvium formed flat plains in the northwest of the region.

The drainage system is the Mukue River, which transects the city running approximately 10km from east to west.


Itoman is on the Okinawan main island which is in the subtropical ocean climate zone. The annual mean air temperature is 22°C to 23°C. The yearly range in temperature is low with there being little change between the four seasons. In summer the weather is typical of the tropics being extremely sultry with many days above 30°C and over 80% humidity.

Annual precipitation is approximately 2000mm. However, during some years rainfall is scarce and water shortages occur.


As at October 1st 2003 Itoman's area was 46.63 square kilometers.

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