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■□  User Guide  □■

■  Open Hours

・Tuesday〜Sunday  10 a.m.〜7 p.m.


■  Closed

・Every Monday(When it is a national holiday, the following day is closed as well, and when it is on Constitution Day, the previous day is also closed.)
・Memorial Day and National Holidays
・Material Organizing Day(usually the second Friday of every month. Please view the library “Annual Calendar” for details.)
・New Year Holiday (Dec. 28th – Jan. 4th)
・Special Organizing Period (15 days a year)

■  Transportation

・By Car (Heading for Nashiro on the left, there is a sign on the national highway Route 331)
・By Bus (Get off at the Naha bus Itoman office)

■  How to make a library card

・For City residents, employees, school students and other (Yaese town residents
   ※If you are a Yaese town resident, please apply at a Yaese town library near you.
・To borrow library materials, a library card is required.
・You fill out the application form for the library card, as well as something that can confirm your address, Date of birth, your name and ID, such as a health insurance card, student identification card, or driver's license, 、 and please apply at the "No. 5 counter." The library card that was issued, can also be used in the mobile library Kuroshio.
・If you lose your library card, your address has changed, etc., please arrange to have it taken care of at the Number 5 counter.
The library card can only be used by the person it belongs to. It is not possible to hand it over to another person, or for another person to borrow books.

Expiration date of the library card
   Itoman city residents・・・End of the year after 3 years from the date of application.
   Employees・Yaese town residents・・・The last day of the year from the date of application.
   Enrolled students・・・Period you are enrolled in a school in the city.
   ※Please renew your library card if it has expired.
   ※If you move out of Itoman, retire from an office of the city, or graduated from a school in the city, please return your library card to the library immediately.

■  How to borrow library materials

・Please bring the case of the audio-visual materials and books you want to borrow to the rental counter and use your library card.
・Borrowing period and number of books (City Residents, Employees, and School Students)

 No. of books you canPeriodReservation
Books・Magazines/td> 10 2weeks 5
Audio-Video Materials  3 1week 1/td>

※  Picture-story show (Kami-Shibai) is included in the book and magazines. You can borrow up to two per person.
※   During the borrowing period, you can extend borrowing the books and magazines only once, if no one has reserved them. The borrowing period is two weeks from the date of the extension.
※   予Material on loan can be reserved. When it is returned, we will let you know by e-mail or phone (application required).
※  Books and materials we do not have in the library, you can either borrow from other libraries, or make a request to purchase the item.

(For Yaese residents …)
※  Books, Magazines …5 books, Reservations ... 3 books. Please view the audio-visual materials in the library. (Once a day)
We do not accept requests. Please use the library in your area.

■  When returning library materials.

・While the library is open, please return to the return counter.
・When closed, please put items in the “Book Post” next to the front door on the right. (Please do not put CDs / Cassette tapes / Video tapes / DVDs. There is a risk of damaging them.)

■  When browsing Newspapers and Magazines

・The newspaper of the day, the previous day, and current month, are shelved in the newspaper and magazine corner. (Due to mail delivery of mainland newspapers, they are delayed by half a day) for earlier items, please ask the staff because it is kept in the closed stack library.
The latest issue of the magazine cannot be copied or borrowed.Please view it in the library.

■  About copying library materials.

Only the library materials collection, can be copied within the scope of copyright laws. Copies can be made for study and research, etc, in the case of individuals who want to make copies for personal use, you are allowed to copy one part of a portion of the material only.

・After filling out the copy application form, please give it to the library staff.
・There is a fee for copies.

  Black and white・・・All sizes 1 Copy 10 Yen.
  Color・・・Up to B4 1 Copy 50 Yen / A3 1 Copy 80 Yen

■  Viewing Audio-Visual materials in the library.

You can view the audio-visual materials in the Library. Please apply at the Circulation Counter with a sample case of the item you want.

■  Storytelling / Movie Screenings

  Storytelling 《Schedule Here

  The 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month From 3 p.m.
  【 Children’s Corner Story Room 】

  Movie Screenings 《Schedule Here

  The 3rd Sunday of the month From 2 p.m. 【 2F Assembly Room 】

  *Both are free. Please join us.

■  For the handicapped.

・Staff will help you. Please feel free to ask for assistance.
・For people who are visually impaired, we have audio books and Braille books.

■  Group Lending

・We lend books and picture-story books (Kami-Shibai) to groups and organizations such as the Children's Association of Itoman City, reading circles, local libraries, kindergartens, and pre-schools. Please ask the staff. (Requires registration of the organization.
・One organization can borrow 100 books (of which, picture-story books (Kami-Shibai) up to 20 books,) can be borrowed for up to one month.

■  Assembly Room, Multipurpose Room, and Conference Room

・If organizations located in Itoman city want to educate businesses or give cultural lectures, you can take advantage of the Assembly Room, Multipurpose Room, and Conference Room.

■□  Kuroshio  □■

■  Mobile Library Kuroshio

・Each station below is visitedevery two weeks, parking for 30 to 40 minutes,for the lending and returning of books.
・From infants to the general public, there is a collection of 3,000 books, including picture books, picture-story books (Kami-Shibai), children’s books, local materials and magazines.
・Library cards are the same as the Itoman Municipal Central Library.
・The number of books one person can borrow is 10 books. Up to two magazines and picture-story books (Kami-Shibai) can be borrowed at a time. You can borrow the items until the next time the mobile library comes.

Rounds Schedule

CourseDayTimeStation Name
Wed. 13:30〜14:00 Takamine Elementary School
16:10〜16:40 Gajumaru Children's Center
17:00〜17:30 Yoza Community Center
Sat. 14:00〜14:30 Kanegusuku Heights Meeting Place
14:40〜15:10 Prefectural Hamagawa Housing Complex
15:30〜16:00 Ahagon Lodging
Thu. 13:30〜14:00 Komesu Elementary School
Wed. 13:20〜14:00 Kyan Elementary School
17:00〜17:30 Komesu Housing Complex
Sat. 10:00〜10:30 Kakazu Community Center
10:40〜11:20 Otabaru (Kakazu Lodging)
14:00〜14:30 Civil Aviation Bureau Itoman Lodging
14:40〜15:10 Nishizaki 3-chome West (Negai Kotobuki Hall)
15:20〜15:50 Nishizaki 1-chome Meeting Place
Sun. 10:40〜11:20 Nishizaki Sakura Park
14:00〜14:30 Park Town Autonomy Hall
14:40〜15:10 Shiohira High-rise Housing
15:20〜15:50 Employment Promotion Housing
Thu. 13:25〜14:05 Makabe Elementary School
15:00〜16:10 Shiohira Elementary School
Tue. 11:20〜12:00 Negai Kotobuki Hall
15:00〜16:20 Kanegusuku Elementary School
I Tue. 11:20~12:00 Itoman Social Welfare Council



10:00~11:00 Nishizaki Special Needs School

※  In the case of bad weather, when the vehicle breaks down and vehicle maintenance inspections, the service is suspended.
※   About the school station, the service may be suspended or changed on account of the school.

※ If you have any questions that you would like to ask you about the mobile library, please contact the Central Library.

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