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Itoman city, strives to create a website with an easy-to-see and easy-to-use Web-friendly accessible interface for everyone to be able to use, including the elderly and people with disabilities.

In addition, the viewer without having to download any special software, can do things such as changing the character size, changing the background color, phonetic display, and voice reading.


Character size

Small  Display characters in 10pt.
Medium  Display characters in 12pt. (Standard size)
Large  Display characters in 14pt.


Background color

Black  Change the background color to black.
Blue  Change the background color to blue. 
White  Change the background color to white. (Standard color)


Phonetic functions

Turn on furigana

(phonetic reading)

 Put the furigana(phonetic reading) on the Kanji(Chinese characters).

※ Relating to mistranslations, we are continually working to constantly improve them, however, because this is a machine translation please note that the translation may be not intended.


Voice reading functions

Read aloud  Voice read the character.



The system will deliver briefly summarized features and updates.

By subscribing to the feed (free), it is possible to confirm the presence or absence of updated information without having to access the site.

Click the RSS or ATOM button and when the page is displayed, Please register by clicking "Subscribe to this feed."


After registering to the feed, from the browser iconand the RSS reader software, subscribed site information can be checked.


Link to this site

Content that originates from this site is "link free". We don’t mind if you post the URL on other websites (including search engines).

In addition, you don’t need to ask for approval by mail before or after you post a link.

For a link, we recommend that you put it on the top page. 

Please note that if you put it on a page other than the top page, under some circumstances page structure may change.

It should be noted that Itoman city does not assume any responsibility for the links from the home page of Itoman city to other organizations or individual’s websites content. 

The opinions, claims, positions and views expressed, listed in the originally linked home page, organizations not under the control of Itoman city, or belonging to the individual, are not Itoman city’s opinions, claims, position or views.


Itoman city Top Page  http://www.city.itoman.lg.jp/



Links to other sites from this site

Links to other sites are only intended for the convenience of the accessing user, and is intended for configuring the link, the opinions, claims, stance and views expressed, listed on the linked home page, belong to organizations or individuals not under the control of Itoman city, and the opinions, claims, position or views expressed are not those of Itoman city.

In addition, creating links, does not imply that Itoman city has recommended the site.



Recommended environment

About the Browser 

In order to get a more comfortable browsing experience of our site, we recommend the following browsers listed below. We recommend downloading the latest version of the browser software whenever possible to suit the environment you use your PC in.

  • Internet Explorer (8 or higher recommended) 
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari

For viewing PDF files

The following software is required in order to view files, such as "Itoman public relations PDF version", the application form download pages, the contents of the publications for printing and paper-based files.

  • Adobe Reader
    Adobe Reader can be downloaded from the Adobe site by clicking the icon below for Adobe Reader.
    (Opens in new window)

In the Web site of our city, you may not be able to display PDF files correctly. In that case, from the AdobeReader "Edit" menu open "Preferences", select "Internet", uncheck the "Show in browser PDF" option in the Web browser and please try again.



About FLASH Video

Some of the pages use the following plug-ins. Flash Player (version 7 or later) = Needed to view pages with videos.

  • Adobe Flash Player
    Adobe Flash Player can be downloaded from the Adobe site by clicking the icon below for Adobe Flash Player.
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Bad connection due to system maintenance

Due to performing the backup of the system, during the following time, there may be a bad connection to this site. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding.

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